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Mon-6:00am-7:45pm is open for call enquiries

Mon-6:00am-5:30pm is for Job Portal

Tue-7:00am-6:45pm for Costumer care 

CHIZO Garage



Brief Note

These portal of gallery only portrait a little sector of our esteem product, for our respected costumer and new client you are herby advice to call the HR MANAGEMENT office for engines purchases and type of product with the engines number that you are about to buy from us, it is necessary for any client to specified the engine product , engine number and year in making in order to get you the best use or recondition engines that you need for your car, we also deal on wholes sale and retails.


Client requsting for whole sales and retails  purchases should call our cell line and  any costumer from outside UK  should dicuss all details of transportation, export or import of engines  with the HR. MANAGER.

Chizo Hybrid Engines  also deals on new vehicle spare parts and sale of used cars and re-assemble cars, through the past 15 years we are the best in engines re-condition in Great Britain at large.